Raabe Grimm Kollegen is a marketing and communications office with many years of experience and strategic and conceptual consulting expertise for ambitious B2B medium-sized businesses. Our clients are mostly technology companies that strive for an authentic, powerful and convincing market presence in significant differentiation from their competitors.

For them we develop positioning strategies and sales-supporting campaigns including implementation / implementation support with the one, exclusive goal: to make them stronger, more visible and more successful in competition.

We aim for the heartto hit the head.

Technicians, engineers, physicists – people of reason are usually difficult to convince: Even in B2B business and its ROI and added value thinking there are no purely rational decisions!

Without the help of our feelings, we would not even know how to decide. The higher the risk of a decision, the more our emotions get involved. The more at stake, the more we need the good feeling that we can rely on our business partner.

In case of doubt, the customer will weight “soft” factors such as reliability and interpersonal carrying capacity higher than the price. So it is not only about hard facts … it is just as much about heart facts. As Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman has already pointed out: Competence convinces. But personality wins …

Our Portfolio

Company Positioning. Competitive Differentiation.

Not the who or what, but that
how does it make a difference...

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Company Personality. Corporate Image.

Authenticity: What counts for people,
also applies to companies...

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Employer Brand. Employee Loyalty.

Determines your record, but doesn't show up: Sense and employee motivation...

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Sales Support. New Customer Acquisition.

Generate leads and secure existing customers with tailor-made communication.

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What we can do,we have learned fromour customers.

Anyone who, like us, has worked for more than 150 companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes and industries throughout Germany in recent years, written hundreds of concepts and thousands of pages of text, created countless website designs and layouts … and had to discard them again, knows that customer satisfaction is a lifelong learning process rich in experience …

Keep it simple.But not stupid.

As a marketing service provider we are of the opinion that the content is simply thought too little, then discussed too much… and finally too little is done. We pursue a pragmatic approach, which is usually more conducive to a fact-oriented client-contractor relationship:

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